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Happy New Year!  We'll be starting off 2022 with our first meeting on Saturday, January 8th at 11:00 a.m. via Zoom.  Given the current rise in COVID-19 cases, our executive committee has decided to resume remote meetings for now.  You can attend by registering at this link.

If you were not able to attend the last meeting, you may need an introduction to our new and returning officers. Meredith Parnes and Fern Vasquez have both generously resumed their roles as secretary and treasurer, respectively, in the newly reorganized committee, providing us both skills and institutional knowledge that will serve us well moving forward. Our new vice chair is Jorge Amselle, who did not hesitate to meet the moment when I asked him to run. Jorge's insights as a teacher and former candidate will be invaluable.  Taking on the role of chair and resuming my efforts as membership and outreach coordinator, I am happy to introduce myself here to any who I have not yet had the pleasure of meeting.  I am a proud area native, a proud member of the LGBTQ community, proud to be a small business owner - and incredibly proud to be a Democrat and serve this committee.

As your new WCDC chair, I want to take a moment to thank everyone who helped us in our efforts in the last year. Whether you donated, volunteered, or both, your efforts helped us show up and shine despite the setbacks our party withstood on Election Day.  We may not have maintained our majority in the House of Delegates or kept Democrats in the governor's mansion or the office of the attorney general, but we came out in record numbers to defend the progress our party made in Virginia.


Last week the Virginia Supreme Court, having completed its review of the proposed final redistricting maps and accompanying memorandum prepared by the Special Masters (December 27th, 2021), approved and released the new maps. The Court took into consideration extensive public comment, including those submitted in writing to the Clerk of Court, comments made on the interactive maps we shared with members in our last email, and comments that were made directly to the Court at public hearings held on December 15th and 17th. We will have more to share at the meeting on January 8th to help members understand the local impacts of the new maps. Meanwhile, you can read the Supreme Court of Virginia Redistricting Final Order and Approved Maps here.


We have our work cut out for us this midterm year and we're not missing a beat in organizing to meet the challenges ahead. In January and February, our executive committee will be reviewing long-term goals around increasing membership, building more public engagement, strengthening fundraising, and advancing the value of Democratic candidates and policies.  We not only welcome, but are asking for your constructive input. Please contact us to share your vision for the future of WCDC.

The General Assembly session opens on Wednesday, January 12th.  It goes without saying that our Republican legislators are ready to reverse the progress Democrats made over the last two years. We encourage you to reach out to our representatives to let them know where you stand on the issues and how you want them to vote.  There are several opportunities to participate in lobbying days, such as this signup from the Virginia Education Association or this link to how the ACLU of Virginia will be advocating for voting rights and criminal justice reforms.  There is no easy one-stop-shop for quick takes on upcoming bills, but organizations you follow are very likely lobbying and able to provide information.

Monday, January 17th is MLK Day and fittingly is a national day of service.  Please consider a local charity that you would like to help. Collecting and donating coats or food for the homeless, cleaning up in a local park, or helping out at the animal shelter are all great ways that you can offer service. 

On the subject of service, it was with sadness and yet gratitude that I have been reflecting on the death of Senator Harry Reid. Some moments from his long and storied career that stand out to me are his successful efforts to block the George W. Bush-era attempt to partially privatize Social Security and his masterful leadership to get the Affordable Care Act passed.  

Finally, we will be attempting a new strategy at our monthly meetings to help ensure that all business is attended to in a timely manner. We are asking that you reach out in advance of meetings to let us know of issues you would like to raise.  This will afford us the opportunity to begin research on the topic and manage the meeting agenda thoughtfully. Report your meeting business early by sending us an email

I look forward to hearing from you on the long-term goals you would like us to reach for in the future and the matters that are close to your heart for discussion at the next meeting. 


Best, Paul Miller
Chair, Warren County Democratic Committee




Here are some ways you can take action to defend our democracy every day.

Your input matters. Spend 5 minutes, make 5 calls.


Here are the phone numbers of your representatives in Congress. Use them frequently and make your voice heard!

Sen. Mark Warner 703-442-0670

Sen. Tim Kaine 703-361-3192

Rep. Ben Cline 540-432-2391

Representatives in Richmond:


Gov. Ralph Northam 804-786-2211

VA Sen. Mark Obenshain 540-437-1451

Find Your VA House Delegate


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Keep up with the latest news, events and conversations by following the Warren County VA Democratic Committee on Facebook. Share and discuss the latest political articles, join in on an array of resistance actions, and get to know other members online. 

Visit our Resources for Action and Engagement page for more ways to get involved and make a difference!


  • WCDC recently launched text messaging for our members. We use texts to send reminders for meetings and alert members to volunteer opportunities and quick-turn calls to action. If you’d like to receive texts from us, send us your mobile number

  • The DPVA Veterans and Military Families Caucus is looking to expand its membership. You can sign up here

  • As we look forward to the 2022 midterms, one way you can really help WCDC is by joining our Club of 100 fundraiser. You can make your $100 contribution through Act Blue or by sending a check, payable to WCDC, to Warren County Democratic Committee, PO Box 615, Front Royal, VA 22630. Contributions help cover expenses such as yard signs, postcards, and donations to candidates. These funds are a critical part of our budget, and we appreciate any amount you can give. Thank you to Peg Goodyear for leading this effort.

  • Now that more people are getting vaccinated, some of our members are considering reviving the monthly tradition of the Lunch Bunch at Mom's Country Kitchen (if you prefer another restaurant let us know).  If you are interested in participating, please email us and tell us which day of the week and week of the month you would prefer, plus start time (noon, 1 p.m., or other) and location.

  • Have you paid your annual dues? The suggested amount is $30 per person. (Dues are not a requirement, but they do help us cover expenses throughout the year.) You can mail a check to Warren County Democratic Committee, PO Box 615, Front Royal, VA 22630. Or you can pay online via ActBlue.​



If you paid any attention to the news in early November, you know that Democrats in Washington delivered big time for all Americans with House passage of President Biden’s $2 trillion infrastructure plan. Thirteen House Republicans joined Democrats in voting for the package, fulfilling Biden’s promise for a bipartisan plan. 

Here are some more highlights of how our Democratic lawmakers in Virginia have delivered great things to all Virginians, regardless of party:

Simply put, #DemocratsDeliver. These achievements underscore why we must keep the General Assembly, governor’s mansion and attorney general’s office in Democratic hands this November.


Want to know how #DemocratsDeliver for Virginia? Watch this 30-second video on Twitter.


Monthly meetings on the second Saturday of each month.


Second Saturday of each month

11:00 AM

Monthly membership meetings are held the second Saturday of the month at 11:00 a.m. at the Warren County Community Center or via Zoom if in-person meetings are considered high risk for Covid infection. For in-person meetings, please remember to bring your mask and practice social distancing.


If you'd like to receive meeting reminders by text, please email the Communications Committee Chair to request to be added to the list.

Defund Ben Cline


Final Wednesday of each month

7:00 PM via Zoom

Rep. Ben Cline is part of the Republican Coup Caucus promoting the lie that the 2020 presidential election results were fraudulent. He voted to block the certification of electors just hours after terrorists stormed the U.S. Capitol on Jan. 6.


Help us call or write Ben Cline’s biggest donors to persuade them to stop giving him money. You can call or write letters at your convenience, or you can join our monthly letter writing events on Zoom (7 p.m. on the final Wednesday of the month). To get access to the resources or to join the monthly Zoom, email Lauren W

You can also donate to the Democratic Party of Virginia’s campaign against Cline and five other key Virginia Republicans who stoked the divisiveness that led to the insurrection.


Paul Miller, Chair

Warren County Democratic Committee



There are many reasons why I'm proud to be a Democrat, not least of which is our party's record of fighting for fair policies for all.  As a member of the LGBTQ community and a valley native, I know all too well that certain attitudes and policies can make a person feel unheard and disrespected.  My husband and I have been together for more than twenty-five years, but not until Federal law caught up with the will of the people in 2015 were we allowed to make our commitment official - and legal.  


Policy shapes opportunity.  When it's inclusive and compassionate, legislation can open doors to more people, offering the full potential of our democracy.  When restrictive and based in bigotry, policies can deny people everything from fundamental respect to essential needs.  This was the case with policies that allowed localities to decide how to allocate the benefits of the GI Bill after WWII, too often denying Black service members equal access to housing.  Also unjust are laws that prevent women from making the health decisions that are best for themselves and their families.  In a sense, policies that fail to address climate change or gun safety similarly do a disservice to our children and the generations to come.


Being a Democrat is so important to me because it means standing up for everyone, regardless of what they look like, where they come from, or who they love.  It also means demanding sensible approaches to commonplace problems that effect us all - and not being afraid to make bold and ambitious plans for the future.  As someone whose family has been here for many generations, I know our valley has a troubling, complex, and storied past, but as a pragmatic optimist, I choose to put my energies and vision on where we can go from here. With open hearts and minds, a little imagination, and a lot of hard work, there is no reason that Front Royal and Warren County cannot be a model of modern, small town life: prosperous, green, and welcoming.  

Be a part of shaping this vision by volunteering, becoming a member, or talking with me directly at outreach.warrendems@gmail.com.


In an increasingly polarized media environment, it can be hard to separate truth from political spin when it comes to the issues about which our community cares. Members of the Warren County Democratic Committee are dedicated to keeping you informed so you can make sound decisions each time you exercise your right to vote.


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