Remember, as goes Virginia, so goes the nation.

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Do This Week of 11/25/19

Designate Lynching as a Federal Hate Crime (HR35)

You would think that this sort of thing would go without saying in 21st century America, but to our everlasting shame, it's 2019 and lynching is not considered a hate crime under federal law.  Between 1882 and 1968, almost 5,000 people (mostly African Americans) were lynched, and perpetrators were rarely punished. It is time to deliver a measure of belated justice to these victims and pass HR35, the Emmet Till Anti-lynching ActCall Congressman Ben Cline (202-225-5431) now and tell him to support this important bill.

Here are the phone numbers of our representatives in Congress and Richmond:

Rep. Ben Cline 540-432-2391  | Sen. Mark Warner 703-442-0670  | Sen. Tim Kaine 703-361-3192
Find Your VA House Delegate | VA Sen. Mark Obenshain 540-437-1451 | Gov. Ralph Northam 804-786-2211

Want to do more? Visit for other resistance actions you can take!


Do This for the Future of Democracy!

Turn your passive participation into active resistance. Spend 5 minutes, make 5 calls.

Visit our Resources for Action and Resistance page for more ways to get involved and make a difference!


  • 11/6/19 CONGRATULATIONS Virginia Democrats, on winning full control of the Virginia Statehouse in the November 2019 elections! With unified control in Richmond, Virginia Democrats can finally achieve many longstanding goals like common-sense reform of gun laws, ratification of the ERA, a raise of the minimum wage, stronger protections for the environment, and an advance towards decriminalization of marijuana. The Democratic victory also guarantees that we can look forward to fair redistricting in 2021. 

    And let's not forget what we can count on Democrats not to do -- things like introducing discriminatory legislation, scheming to depress voter turnout, or plotting ways to strip rights from Virginia's workers. The country may have lost its way in 2016, but Virginia is putting the nation back on the path of progress.

    It was your vote that made all of this possible. Let's keep up the momentum as we move into the all-important 2020 election year, because as we know, "As goes Virginia, so goes the nation."

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11am - 12:45pm
213 E. Main St., Front Royal

Monthly membership meetings are held the second Saturday of every month at 11:00 am at Middle of Main (beside Daily Grind on Main Street). Join us for the December meeting on Saturday the 14th.

Vigil for Democracy


Every Wednesday from 12pm - 1pm

At the Gazebo on Main St., Front Royal

Calling all First Amendment People! Give your right to free speech some exercise every Wednesday evening at the Vigil for Democracy at the gazebo on Main Street in Front Royal. Join members of Indivisible Warren County Virginia, the Warren County Democrats, and other friends and neighbors who share our concerns about Trump's attacks on our democratic norms and processes. Bring your own sign or use one of ours. There's no shortage of things to speak out about. This is a peaceful gathering to remind America that corruption must not be allowed to become "the new normal."

RSVP on Facebook, or just show up at noon on any given Wednesday.


10:00am - 12:00pm, 1st & 3rd Wednesdays

Samuels Public Library, Front Royal

Representatives from Ben Cline's Harrisonburg office will listen to your concerns and convey them to the Congressman.


6:30pm - 8:30pm, 1st Friday of the Month

Location announced monthly on Facebook
Join members of the WCDC and Indivisible-WCVA for dinner at one of Warren County's fine local restaurants. Location changes monthly. Visit the Events page on Facebook for details.


Steve Foreman, Chairman

Warren County Democratic Committee

The Warren County Democratic Committee works to elect capable, honest, and dedicated Democrats. We support qualified individuals who are committed to the Democratic vision: where hard work is rewarded, fair play is the norm, everyone participates​, and the rules are just. If you share our values, join us!


The Democratic Party speaks to hopeful, forward-looking citizens who want to advance progressive ideas and reasoned solutions designed to benefit the common good. We stand for the dignity and humanity of all people.

The Democratic Party stands in strong contrast to the opposition party. Democrats propose personal freedom for all people, not in theory, but in practice. Our freedom is not based on stringent principles, or ancient ideologies, but in universal values of individual dignity and self-expression. We believe in reason and a well-informed electorate, with the responsibility and means to make our own decisions. We support government as the means to promote these qualities of freedom for all, a great equalizer to free us from artificial burdens imposed by authority and advantage.

Democratic principles had their beginning in the Age of Enlightenment, inspiring the Founding Fathers, and were expressed by Jefferson when he penned the Declaration of Independence sparking the greatest experiment ever attempted. They were reinforced by FDR when he proposed a New Deal for all citizens and worked for the common man to help resist the overwhelming forces of economics and militarism.

In 1944, with the war finally proceeding favorably for the Allies, FDR turned his sight toward the aftermath of the conflict that challenged our faith in mankind when he suggested a path for peace.  Roosevelt warned against “the errors of ostrich isolationism-that we shall not repeat the excesses of the wild twenties…that ended in a tragic crash”. He connected the war against fascism with the fight against economic distress and uncertainty. FDR stated that security was “the objective for all nations”, not just “physical security”, but “economic security, social security, moral security”. Roosevelt insisted that “essential to peace is a decent standard of living for all individual men and women and children in all nations. Freedom from fear is eternally linked with freedom from want”.

In our day, the fabric of society that ties us all together has been abused, with attempts to divide one American against another based on religion, or skin color, or sexual preferences. Appeals to the lowest common denominator are persuasive when some feel that they have no more to lose, or that others have unfair advantages, or somehow don’t belong. Rather than be uplifted and encouraged we are told to distrust, to dwell in fear, to look down on others to make ourselves feel superior.

We choose optimism and hope. The ideals of Jefferson and Roosevelt are our guiding principles. The Democratic Party, at its best, is a vehicle for those who believe in the promise of the human spirit, the potential ability to self-govern and forge a peaceful path forward for the common good, the best outcome for the most people.


In an increasingly polarized media environment, it can be hard to separate truth from political spin when it comes to the issues about which our community cares. Members of the Warren County Democratic Committee are dedicated to keeping you informed so you can make sound decisions each time you exercise your right to vote.


Saturday, January 13, 2018

On the President’s Racism & Judiciary Committee Chair Bob Goodlatte’s Tacit Agreement

by Steve Foreman

Wednesday, December 13, 2017

The Republican Party is responsible for this mess

by Steve Foreman

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