"What history will record is that on January 21, the resistance took over in this country." -- Tom Perez


When mobilized citizens reach out to Member of Congress, Senators and other elected officials they get results. Many of our recommended actions on core Democratic principles and citizen organizing tips are provided by the Indivisible Guide, a publication written by former Democratic staffers. Here are some organizations, initiatives and tools to help you get involved, and streamline your activism.

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Run for Something

Are you ready to throw your hat in the ring? Let Run for Something help you get started. Run for Something will recruit and support talented, passionate young candidates who will advocate for progressive values. Learn more.



  • Activate Virginia
    Activate Virginia was established to support Democratic candidates in the 2017 Virginia elections.

  • Center for Workforce Development
    The Center creates and trains for work that provides a livable wage.


  • OneVirginia2021
    OneVirginia2021 is a leader in advocating for fair redistricting in the Commonwealth of Virginia.

  • Pantsuit District
    Pantsuit District is a DC Metro-based organization that connects, supports and educates new and re-entering progressive activists.

  • Together We Will - Northern Virginia
    Together We Will Northern Virginia is an inclusive network of everyday activists committed to securing equity and social justice for all.

  • VirginiaDems
    The Democratic Party of Virginia is united in its efforts to elect Democratic leaders of character, integrity, ability, vision, and commitment to delivering results for Virginians.


  • Concerned about local government mismanagement and corruption?  Follow or join the Warren County Coalition, a bi-partisan, citizen-driven organization focused on advocating for oversight in the county. Attend the Board of Supervisors meetings to let elected officials know citizens are watching. speaker's key points




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Indivisible of Warren County VA is a non-partisan group of concerned citizen activists who put country and people before party, and stand against any erosion of our historic democratic principles of liberty, justice and equality. Request to Join.


Turn your passive participation into active resistance. Spend 5 minutes, make 5 calls.

"Former Congressional aide, Emily Ellsworth, wrote a series of tweets about how to best get the attention of elected officials and the answer is simple—pick up the phone and call them."   Read More

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